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Welcome at child care Kinderopvang Purmerend!
With almost 40 locations in the region Waterland, there’s always a location nearby.
At our childcare centres, we offer safe and familiar care for children:
day care (0-4 years), toddler care (2-4 years) and child care before and after school (4-12 years).

Child day care: 0-4 years

At our pleasant child day care centres, we offer professional and homey care for children from 0 to 4 years old. The close, educational team sees to a nice atmosphere in which your child feels at home.

Developing at the child’s own pace
At our centre, your child is given the peace and space it needs to develop at its own pace. Babies are given the possibility to follow the rhythm of their home as much as possible. As a result, the baby is quiet and relaxed. The littlest ones, too, like contact with other children very much. They learn a lot by looking at each other and by copying each other.

Setting off on adventures together
Children that are slightly older like to develop by playing together. In a group with children of the same age they enjoy being in the indoor play area, or they set off on adventures in our garden. The areas, both indoor and outside, and the toys are adjusted to the respective age categories.

Tasty and healthy food and drink
Healthy food is very important to us. Every afternoon we have a healthy, fresh, hot meal together with the children. Having a meal together is fun and instructive. Also important: children are incited to eat when they see other children eat. Most children eat their vegetables properly. What is more, it relieves you of some of the pressure during your ‘evening rush hour’: at least your child has had a healthy meal already.

Toddler care: 2-4 years

Bring your child to play and explore the world with other toddlers. Kinderopvang Purmerend offers a homey and safe environment for children from 2 to 4 years old. During at least two regular half days of about three hours each, your toddler learns to explore the world step by step, by playing, eating, dancing and singing together with other children.

Preparation for primary school
Toddler care is fun and instructive. We pay extra attention to the child’s ability to do things independently and to preparing the child for primary school. By listening to stories, playing games and having a look around at a primary school, the children are given a good basis for group 1. In this way, we want to ensure that the transition to school is the smoothest possible one.

Pre-School and Early-School Education (VVE)
The government has set up a Pre-School and Early-School Education (Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie, VVE) programme. Four of our toddler care locations work with the VVE programme Uk & Puk. The programme is focused on encouraging language development, motoric skills and cognitive skills. At our toddler care, your child is given a good start, enabling it to make the smooth transition to primary school at the age of four. To be placed in VVE toddler care, your child needs a special indication from the Youth and Family Centre (Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin, CJG).

Exercise during toddler gym
Every week, the toddlers have gym from a qualified teacher. Having exercise is fun and good for motoric development. You can apply for a child care allowance or subsidy for toddler care from the municipality of Purmerend, depending on your work or study situation. Contact our Planning and Placement Department for further information. See our locations here.

Child care before and after school hours (BSO): 4-12 years

With child care before and after school hours (Buitenschoolse Opvang, BSO) your child enjoys a great time before and after school hours. If you have to start working early in the morning, your child can start the day quietly at our care centre. After school hours, we play outside together, or we cook, play games or read a book to relax.

Stimulate the development of childeren
At every BSO of Kinderopvang Purmerend, we provide safe care in a homey atmosphere. Our committed educational staff see to the proper balance between relaxation and activities. These are intended to stimulate the development of children with ease. Some BSOs have a cooking café, BSO Gorsebos has a special focus on nature, and we have a real Sport BSO. In the holidays, it is party time: workshops or an outing to an amusement park make the holiday even more special.

Free transport in Purmerend
Many of our locations are close to the schools. In the event of locations farther away, we collect the children and bring them home with safe transportation.

School closed? BSO open!
When the school is closed, for instance due to a workshop or holiday, the BSO is open all day. In this way, you can rest assured that there is always child care you can use. On these days, the educational staff often provides special activities.

Childcare parent portal

We send photographs and a little diary via an app. These give you a good impression of the child’s experience and developments at the care centre. Via the parent portal and the app, you can swap days, apply for additional child care, read news items or send a message to employees of the group.

Download the app here:

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